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Joan Nogué     Txema Onzain     Félix López
Balmes 129 4t 1a   Barcelona   Telf: +34 93 454 83 87
Principles and objectives
By defining the following Quality Policy, NOGUÉ·ONZAIN·LÓPEZ, ARQUITECTES S.L.P. is committed to aiming all its activities at reaching one main goal: CLIENT SATISFACTION AND FOCUS Meeting this basic goal is based on the motivation, commitment, continuous training and participation of all personnel at NOGUÉ·ONZAIN·LÓPEZ, ARQUITECTES S.L.P., headed by the senior management of the company, the Founding Partners. Regardless of the role and responsibilities of each colleague, we are all ultimately responsible for our own work, seeking the satisfaction of our clients and meeting the requested requirements. This purpose of work must be achieved by applying the Comprehensive Management System based on Standards UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 and UNE-EN-ISO 14006:2011, which ensure uniformity, continuous improvement and methodology to ALL work towards the same shared goal, meeting the legal requirements that apply to the organisation and others subscribed by the organisation. We accept the commitment to prevent pollution and to continuously improve the eco-design process in all the projects, and to the environmental undertaking of the projects designed throughout its lifecycle, without conveying adverse environmental impact between the different phases of the lifecycle. No client will feel cheated by our work, and we shall maintain the highest degrees of credibility, competence, agility, courtesy, communication and understanding, which are fundamental values for the perception of the service. We treat suppliers like our colleagues, involving them in our quality and continuous improvement process, as they are just one more of the steps in our process. This Quality Policy is promoted, understood, implemented, maintained and updated at all company levels, and as Partner Directors you have our full support and we are committed to being the first in complying with the provisions of our Comprehensive Management System and ensuring its compliance throughout our area of responsibility.